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SINCE 1953



Courage – that’s pretty much all Shri Ramji Das Wadhwa had to rely on when he decided to give up being a transporter and transforming himself by starting with investing in a quarry and founded CobbleStone Pvt. Ltd. (Formerly called Ram Babu Stone Works) in 1953. Since then, their passion has exponentially grown.

From betting all his equity and with all the conviction to literally single-handedly risking everything for COBBLESTONE's future and his unparalleled passion made growth evident. He achieved progress through the grit of trial and error. As an organization, we’ve experienced our share of setbacks and mistakes. But under his leadership, we all always came out stronger with a greater hunger to stride forward and never looking back at our mistakes.














We have checked almost all the right boxes on the journey thus far. In fact, COBBLESTONE has been pioneered some pretty incredible innovations – built on the simple VISION of becoming your first choice because of our unparalleled service and an exceptional selection of natural stone.

Our Mission : Providing the best experience one could have in the Natural Stone Industry. This mission had been passed on to future generations with the utmost importance.

The baton was later passed on to Mr. Parveen Wadhwa taking over the responsibilities since 1998. Somehow along the way, learning from years of experience and skill. CobbleStone Pvt. Ltd. kept became synonyms with all types of Natural Stone Works (Paving, Landscapes, Wall Claddings, Fireplaces, Interior) and from being a part of the Natural Stone Industry we were now shaping the Industry as its leaders. Our measure to mark the milestones were not materialistic but the empire of laying down tons or square feet of Natural Stones. 

With every stone installed, not only are we literally giving you a piece of our company; but everyone who touches that stone is investing a part of their lives into your project.

The hands that ruffle the hair of a beloved son or the hands of our exquisite workforce who carve and give the shape to the Earth best gift to mankind, "Natural Stones"  are constantly committed to together to provide unique, best experiences to all of you.

Our Fleet of Large Excavators at one of our Quarries extracting Natural Stone/Cobblestone of the best quality from beneath the Earth's surface
Extraction of Blue - Grey Natural Stone/Cobblestone from Quarries by Cobblestone Pvt. Ltd.
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